April 8, 2011

I always looked at 30 as this grand imminent number I can’t run from.  ONE.Five months left!  However, before I leave my 20’s I want a story to tell of my grand adventures. Therefore, here are my three fun goals for the year:

1) Visit one of the great world wonders.

2) Become a Tri-athlete.

3) Be inspired.

I recently read a fantastic book, one which I recommended. One that also inspired goal No. 1.  A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller  inspired me to tell a better story. To do things that makes your life worth sharing. In the next few months, i’ll journal my path to living a better story through my journey to South America & trying to turn a runner into a tri-athlete.

Realizing the goals above may not be easy to attain, I’ve laid out my stepping stones:

1) Learn how to swim

2) Learn how to bike

3) Stair master my way in preparation for my South American Hike in Peru.

&  so it begins.

{Here is an amazing band i’ll be checking out tomorrow night!}

The Naked & the Famous – Young Blood

xo| d.


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