{an old lady’s bicycle}

April 19, 2011

I’ve recently acquired a very nice bicycle from a friend of my bf’s grandmother. It has nice & fat tires, a comfy cushioned seat and front/back breaks that works just fine.  I can’t move very fast but its a great bicycle to start. One of the worst things about being a 28 year-old and never knowing how to ride a bike can be temporarily damaging on the ego. It’s even worse when cute little 7 year-old boys with chubby cheeks zoom past you in the park and gives you a piece of advice about  learning how to ride! “If you practice more, it will be easier and you won’t fall as much” – the most adorable kid ever at Golden Gate Park.

My Ride for the next few weeks until I can ride in a straight line or prevent myself from landing in the bushes:

xo | d


2 Responses to “{an old lady’s bicycle}”

  1. Tim said

    The bike is special because that is the bike you learned to ride on. You will never forget this old lady’s bike.

  2. JP said

    this is a good example of something you might want to pass down..although the bike is kinda big and doesnt exactly fit in your pocket…the sentimental value is priceless

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